Vivek Ramaswamy Takes a Very Different Approach to January 6 Political Prisoners Than Mike Pence

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy responded to fellow candidate Mike Pence’s answer to the question of pardoning January 6 mostly peaceful protesters.

During a CNN town hall, Pence declared that he “has no interest or no intention of pardoning” anyone who has been jailed for being at the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021. He didn’t differentiate between people who committed acts of violence and those who did not. He did not differentiate between the few who received a “fair” trial and the vast majority who were simply made an example of by a corrupt justice system.

Ramaswamy made those distinctions:

I will pardon *all* Americans who were targets of politicized federal prosecutions & those who were denied due process. This includes all peaceful Jan 6 protesters. It’s important that every candidate is clear about where we stand on the hard issues, not just the standard GOP talking points.

Mike Pence has zero chance of getting the nomination. To be fair, Ramaswamy’s chances are slim. But at least the latter is on the right side of history and the best side of America on the issue of January 6.