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Vivek Ramaswamy Calls Out CNN’s Lovefest With NeoCon Nikki Haley

(Discern Report)—CNN loves Nikki Haley. If they can’t get a Democrat to win, they want Haley to be their Republican choice to continue to war efforts, expand on censorship, deny freedoms, and advance the initiatives of the UniParty Swamp. This is clear from their treatment of her compared to other GOP candidates and Vivek Ramaswamy has had enough.

He took to Twitter to call out their hypocrisy and egregious election interference. They’re playing favorites and Ramaswamy isn’t one of them.

As he posted to Twitter:

CNN’s egregious interference with the Iowa GOP caucus is offensive. My CNN town hall with the voters here went so well that they cut it off early & then threatened our campaign with a cease-and-desist for posting it on YouTube, while Nikki Haley’s scripted CNN town hall from 6 months ago is still up. Then CNN notified our campaign within 48 hours that multiple qualifying polls that the RNC used for its debates wouldn’t count for CNN’s fake “debate” that they’re hosting in Iowa on January 10. The dishonesty needs to end.

Here are the details generated from corporate media reports by Discern Reporter:

GOP presidential primary candidate Vivek Ramaswamy criticized CNN’s alleged interference with the Iowa GOP caucus in a post on X (formerly Twitter). Ramaswamy claimed that CNN’s town hall with him was cut off early, and the network later issued a cease-and-desist threat for posting it on YouTube. He contrasted this with Nikki Haley’s town hall, which he described as scripted and still available on CNN’s platform.

Ramaswamy further accused CNN of notifying his campaign that qualifying polls used by the Republican National Committee (RNC) for debates wouldn’t count for CNN’s upcoming debate in Iowa on January 10. He labeled CNN’s actions as dishonest and called for an end to such behavior.

The candidate had participated in a CNN town hall moderated by anchor Abby Phillip in Iowa, during which he expressed his opinion that the Supreme Court should overturn the FDA’s approval of the abortion pill mifepristone. Ramaswamy argued that the FDA had exceeded its statutory authority by using emergency approval for something that didn’t meet Congress’s criteria for an emergency.

On the same day as the town hall, the Supreme Court announced it would take up the case. Ramaswamy also used the event to highlight what he perceived as an issue within the administrative state, emphasizing the influence of bureaucrats in three-letter agencies over elected officials.