NYPD Pride Month

Virtue Signaling Failure: NYPD Trolled Hard by Pride Artist Who Snuck Anti-Cop Acronym Into Logo

Businesses are learning that bowing to the LGBTQIA+ supremacy crowd isn’t in their best interests. Now, it seems like the biggest police department in the nation has learned the same lesson… at least they should have.

The New York Police Department figured June, celebrated by part of the country as “Pride Month,” would be a great time to appeal to the radical leftists that generally hate them. What better way to signal their virtue than to throw up a rainbow NYPD logo with a “Happy Pride Month” message?

But there’s a problem.

As NY Post reported:

The patrol car featured the phrase “PRIDE MONTH” with the phrase “All Colors are Beautiful” underneath.

“Over the years, @GOALny [Gay Officers Action League NY] has demonstrated unwavering commitment to promoting universal acceptance and inclusion for all members of the LGBTQIA+ community,” Sewell’s account wrote Friday. “Their remarkable contributions to this city and the department defines New York’s Finest.”

However, social media users were quick to note that “All Colors are Beautiful” can be abbreviated to ACAB, an anti-cop acronym that stands for ‘All Cops are Bastards.”

“All Cops are Bastards” dates back to at least to the 1940s and most recently came into the nation spotlight during the mass protests that followed the 2020 killing of George Floyd in Minnesota.

The post as of early Saturday had been viewed more than 10 million times on Twitter. It was unclear Saturday who decorated the cruiser and what their intentions were.

Let’s be crystal clear. There is practically zero chance that a previously unused slogan, “All Colors Are Beautiful,” making its debut on a police emblem during Pride Month was an accident. The artist or designer was trolling and the virtue signalers in the NYPD were so busy trying to be woke they didn’t notice they were actually being attacked.

Trying to appease the woke crowd is futile, embarrassing, and always ends badly.