Virginia Democrats Appalled by Parents' Rights To _Make Decisions With Regard to Your Child’s Upbringing, Education and Care_

Virginia Democrats Appalled by Parents’ Rights To “Make Decisions With Regard to Your Child’s Upbringing, Education and Care”

There was a time not too long ago when Democrats hid the fact that they hate parents and want the state to raise all children. In fact, it’s only been a couple of decades since Democrats actually believed parents should have a say in the upbringing of their children. But the modern Democrat Party holds no such perspective. To them, your children belong to the state and how dare you think you should have a say in what they learn, how they’re cared for, and what values are instilled into them.

New Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin addressed the state assembly today to discuss the many issues facing Virginians today. Among them was the education and upbringing of children in the state. He congratulated the assembly for passing into law assurances of parental rights. For this, every Democrat in the assembly sat silently while Republicans stood and cheered. Watch:

What Youngkin said wasn’t divisive. Pretty much any parent who cares for their children would appreciate and support his sentiment. This was not a partisan issue, yet Democrats made it a partisan issue by acknowledging they do not believe in a parent’s right to decide or even know about what indoctrination is being pushed onto their children. Like I said, they want the children raised by the state, not parents.

The shocking part in this video is not that they weren’t fans. The shocking thing is they know what Glenn Youngkin said is a reasonable expectation in a free country. Sadly, Democrat lawmakers do not believe in a free country, only authoritarian control with them in charge.