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Violence Erupts in Chicago as Hundreds of Thugs Destroy Parts of the City, But You Couldn’t Tell by Corporate Media News Coverage

As I write this article, Fox News has a top story about a viral video with a guy fighting off four carjackers. CNN has a Trump Derangement Syndrome story about one of his attorneys recusing himself. MSNBC’s headline story asks the question no sane person would ever really ask, “Is Melania Trump done?”

All of this is apparently bigger news than a huge series of riot-level violence happening in Chicago Saturday night into Sunday morning. Here’s a glimpse:

The local Fox affiliate covered it since avoiding it would make them look stupid to the local audience that experienced it:

Hundreds of teenagers flooded into Downtown Chicago on Saturday night, smashing car windows, trying to get into Millennium Park, and prompting a major police response. At least one person in a car was attacked.

Shots were fired near the corner of Madison and Michigan, and FOX 32 Chicago decided that it was unsafe to keep our news crew on the scene. A woman whose car was smashed by people jumping on the windshield said her husband was beaten as he sat in the driver’s seat. He’s been taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Police were escorting tourists and others back to their cars in the Millennium Park garage. The crowd was trying to get into Millennium Park, but there are checkpoints around the perimeter and people under 21 are not allowed without an adult.

Video posted on social media shows people standing on top of a CTA bus and dancing. The CTA said that some service through the downtown area was disrupted on Saturday night because of police activity.

This is the second time this weekend that a group of rowdy teenagers has prompted a police response. On Friday night, hundreds of kids went to 31st Avenue Beach, and a 14-year-old was shot.

Even that report was tame compared to reports on social media.

The police scanner was blowing up with multiple instances of violence across the city.

With the DNC proudly announcing their convention in the lawless hellhole next year, this type of story will get as little coverage as possible from corporate media. They have a narrative to protect, truth be damned.