Pamela Hemphill

Vindictive Judge Sentences 69-Year-Old Cancer Patient to Prison for Jan. 6 Misdemeanors Because a Previous Defendant Blabbed on Fox News

A federal judge has sentenced a 69-year-old cancer patient to prison for misdemeanor charges stemming from the January 6, 2021 mostly peaceful protests. The reasoning the judge gave is outright infuriating and demonstrates another level of lunacy surrounding the J6 debacle being pressed by Democrats, RINOs, and vindictive judges.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene Tweeted about it, including a video of Pamela Hemphill from just before she was turning herself in to serve two months in jail.

Pamela Hemphill, 69 yr old cancer patient, going to jail for one misdemeanor count of demonstrating, picketing, or parading in a Capitol building. I’m appalled beyond words. How many rioters whose criminal charges were eventually dropped did Kamala & Omar bail out of jail?

What makes this situation even more disturbing is the reasoning behind the draconian sentencing for someone who committed far milder crimes than we’ve seen committed by Antifa, BLM, and members of other domestic terrorist groups in recent years. The judge didn’t claim justice was being served. He declared that he had previously let a J6 defendant off with probation and they then embarrassed him on national television.

As American Greatness reported:

“As tempting as it is to be lenient in this kind of situation, what I have discerned is it is such a serious offense because it’s such a serious event in the history of our country,” Judge Lamberth said. “I have to agree with the government’s recommendation in this case. I believe that there has to be a penalty when there is a serious offense like this.”

In contrast, Ray Epps, the Arizona man who is seen on video repeatedly urging protesters to storm the Capitol, has not been sentenced to any jail time, and has ironically been defended in the corporate media as someone who is being unjustly harassed by conservatives who think he’s a fed.

In a sympathetic piece on Tuesday, the New York Times reported that Epps has become “the unwitting face of an attempt by pro-Trump forces to promote the baseless idea that the F.B.I. was behind the attack on the Capitol.”

Hemphill told Greg Kelly that the man who pushed the gate in, and assaulted an officer was never arrested.

“He’s like another Epps,” she said. There’s ten of them that are not on the FBI list,” she added.

The grandmother said that after the gates were pushed in, officers pulled her over them, and told her to go over to another officer, who told her to go over to some other officers who were standing on the Capitol steps.

“So I went to the steps, but as you see, somebody pushed me on another officer, and stepped on my head, cut my knee, broke my glasses—I almost got killed there,” she explained.  “The officer saw that and put me behind them, again, and I was told by the prosecutor that I was taking the Capitol Police away from their job to help me.”

The grandmother spoke on her own behalf at her sentencing hearing Tuesday, saying that she “fully” regretted her actions on Jan. 6.

“I regret everything I did and said at that Capitol,” she said. “Not to excuse my actions, [but] my intentions were to record what was going on, not to be a a part of it. It was as if I was at a football game cheering on the team from the stands and then the fans went on to the field.”

Hemphill, given her health issues, had requested a sentence of probation.

Judge Lamberth suggested that he needed to make an example out of the 69-year-old, saying in his sentencing that he didn’t want a repeat of what happened with Jan. 6 defendant Anna Morgan-Lloyd, who appeared on Fox News and appeared to walk back the (likely coerced) remorse she had expressed the day before in his court.

“The first sentencing I did, I did a sentence of probation and it turned out to be a serious sentencing error on my part,” Lamberth said. “The defendant seemed contrite at the time and the next day made statements on national TV that were embarrassing to me, as well as her, and it turned out I have a hard time discerning the sincerity.”

Hemphill told Kelly that she “is still under the care of her physician for cancer.”

While Ray Epps fishes for sympathy over his “ordeal,” grandmothers are being jailed for simply being there. J6 Kabuki Theater has been a travesty and a stain against our justice system, and it’s only getting worse.