Videos Finally Released to Public from January 6 Obliterate DoJ's 'Insurrection' Narrative

Videos Finally Released to Public from January 6 Obliterate DoJ’s ‘Insurrection’ Narrative

The Justice Department has vehemently opposed the release of videos shot from the Capitol Building surveillance cameras on January 6. They claimed before the court that releasing the videos posed a “national security risk.” But US District Chief Judge Beryl Howell wasn’t buying it, and now we know why.

These videos do not represent a risk to national security. They represent the absolute destruction of the narrative pushed by Democrats and the Justice Department for months that the events at the Capitol Building on January 6 constituted “insurrection” and a “coup” attempt. What we see in the video below is people strolling in and out peacefully as law enforcement officers mingled with them.

Nancy Pelosi’s congressional hearings on the incident framed it as a series of do-or-die moments, prompting RINO Congressman Adam Kinzinger to break down in sobs. Joe Biden called it “the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.” But all the rhetoric aside, the worst thing about it all is how the Justice Department has reacted. They have secured political prisoners and made them into examples to dissuade patriots from protesting their government in the future.

According to leftwing Buzzfeed News, which notably still calls the events an “insurrection”:

The government opposed making the videos public. In response to a petition filed by the media coalition, prosecutors wrote that the videos featured nonpublic information about entrances and exits around the Capitol, and that releasing them would “compromise the security of the United States Capitol and those who work there.”

“This footage, when combined with other footage from nearby cameras, could be used to track individual rioters moving through the building thereby creating a visual pathway which other bad actors could use in planning their breach point and pathway for future attacks,” prosecutors wrote.

Lawyers for the media coalition argued the government’s national security concerns were too speculative and undermined by the fact that prosecutors in a few other cases had voluntarily released some surveillance footage.

Howell sided with the media coalition, writing in a Sept. 15 opinion that the national security concerns weren’t specific enough. The government might have a stronger case for keeping videos secret that revealed “sensitive” parts of the building, but that wasn’t at issue, she wrote — anyone taking a public tour could see the areas shown in these videos.

“Hundreds of cases have arisen from the events of January 6, with new cases being brought and pending cases being resolved by plea agreement every week,” Howell wrote. “The public has an interest in understanding the conduct underlying the charges in these cases, as well as the government’s prosecutorial decision-making both in bringing criminal charges and resolving these charges by entering into plea agreements with defendants.”

Misdemeanor offenses of illegally parading, demonstrating, or picketing in the Capitol are pretty much all the charges that are sticking to most who participated. But this is nowhere in the same ballpark as how our government and mainstream media have portrayed it. This is NOT the worst attack on our Democracy since the Civil War. It wasn’t a coup attempt with coordinated efforts to take over the government. This was a bunch of angry but patriotic Americans who were sick of the failures of our government to properly address the rampant, widespread voter fraud that changed the results of the 2020 election.

Do these people deserve to be stuck in solitary confinement and horrid prison conditions because they walked through a building? Of course not. What we’re witnessing is the Deep State’s attempt to scare patriots into staying home. Judging by the lackluster performance of recent rallies and protests, it appears to be working. The Biden-Harris regime made examples out of the so-called “insurrectionists” and millions of Americans bought the false narrative.

Will mainstream media cover this? No. The video may get millions of hits on social media, but that means hundreds of millions of Americans are still left with the “insurrection” narrative in their heads. We need the truth to spread much further than it has.