Hamas Attack CIA

Victor Davis Hanson: “Allow Israel to Defend Itself From Pre-Civilizational Murderers”

“It’s That Old Thing: Gotta Learn How to Shoot Straight.”

Here it is: we give billions of dollars to Jordan, Egypt, and the Palestinian Authority—presumably as “please be nice to us” protection / insurance money.

All three autocracies then run with the lie that a terrorist/jihadist (our media prefers “militant”) rocket, in flight on its way to kill Israeli civilians, which had fallen short at a Gazan hospital parking lot, was in fact an Israeli “war crime” of bombing a hospital building that wiped out “500 civilians.”

That was not just a multifaceted lie, but a monstrous and demonstrable one.

What followed was weary boilerplate.

You know the now half-century-old drill: the usual riots and mobs throughout the Middle East sprout up on cue, shouting hatred of Jews and death to the U.S. Our terrified aid-recipient Arab autocratic governments snub a visiting American president. Our worried diplomats show contrition (Secretary of State Blinken promptly suggested lowering our flags to half-mast at our embassies abroad in sympathy with the hospital victims of the supposed Israeli air strike).

At home the tired left-wing campus and urban demonstrations erupt—along with a dramatic takeover of the Capitol building, all confident in the usual legal exemptions extended to such left-wing protests.

(But wasn’t it established by AG Merrick Garland that storming the Capitol and disrupting congressional proceedings was an “insurrection“ designed to destroy democracy and thus punishable by felony charges likely leading to considerable prison time— with congressional investigations and criminal charges looming for any elected official who purportedly encouraged such an insurrection, as Rep. Rashida Tlaib did for this one?)

All this madness was followed by the predictable Biden reaction of printing and sending yet another $100 million of fungible “please don’t hate us” money to terrorist-run enclaves—even as Iran confidently awaits its promised $6 billion ransom payment.

Again, the Biden message is that if Islamic Jihad had just hit its intended target and only killed more Jewish civilians, then there would have been no problem (cf. confirmed from the mouth of Biden himself: “It’s that old thing: gotta learn how to shoot straight.”): just shoot straight, terrorists, and then no riots, no snubs, and for now no need for more American Danegeld.

At some point, will someone state the obvious: the more a bankrupt America appeases the Middle East, sends aid and money, takes in its refugees, and lectures democratic Israel, all the more the Arab world shows contempt, and all the closer we get to a theater-wide war— predicated on the idea that a loud but contemptibly weak America is at the mercy of unstable governments and unhinged throngs? And thus it can neither protect its friends nor advance its interests.

Perhaps the Arab world is trying to tell us something and we should listen.

I think their own conduct and actions convey a warning/message to us something like the following:

​‘America needs to stop the Biden empty rhetoric now. On what evidence exactly can you Americans claim that Hamas does not have wide support in Gaza? After all, Hamas certainly resonates even on your own American campuses. And the methods some of us choose to slaughter Israelis are our own business, not yours. And by the way, leave it us to deal with our own fellow-Islamists in Iran.’

In response to the implicit messaging of our “allies” and the Islamic street, we do need to stop the empty rhetoric, but in the Jacksonian ‘don’t tread on me’ sense: vastly increase our defenses, prepare for the worst, return to maximum fossil fuel production, stop importing oil and hatred of America from the Middle East, cease unrestricted immigration and yank visas, enforce our immigration laws—and allow Israel to defend itself from pre-civilizational murderers.