Very Few Things in Life Are Free, Especially Silver

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The precious metals industry is as cutthroat as they get. With so many companies vying for the attention of Americans who want to buy physical gold and silver, these companies are often willing to use questionable marketing techniques to get their sales up.

Case-in-Point: “Free” silver. Ads are blasted out to the masses that promise thousands of dollars in “free” silver for opening a new account. They are able to suspend disbelief in the notion that anything is actually free when in reality the cost of the silver is simply part of the massively inflated prices they charge.

Genesis Gold Group is very different. As a faith-driven company, they do not engage in questionable marketing ploys that rely on customers to simply trust them. They’re an educational company first and foremost, offering a free definitive gold guide that lays out the options without the fluff of “free” silver offers.

“As a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I firmly believe good stewardship of a believer’s resources is important and a foundation for a close walk with Him,” said David Holland, Director of Philanthropy for Genesis Gold Group. “It is not difficult to see, based on the lack of biblical values in both our government and financial system, that we are swiftly heading into unstable times.”

With gold and silver prices performing well lately, more Americans are showing interest in acquiring physical precious metals whether through cash purchases or by rolling over their retirement accounts. As a result, there’s a “feeding frenzy” among most precious metals companies to get as many people to contact them as possible. The “free” silver ploy is the most common in use today.

Reach out to Genesis Gold Group and learn how they can guide you through the financial waters. As a faith-driven company, they will answer any questions you have without the high-pressure sales pitches. Contact them today.