VAXX Fail_ German State Accelerates _Booster_ Adoption by Jabbing People FOUR WEEKS Since Their Last Injection

VAXX Fail: German State Accelerates “Booster” Adoption by Jabbing People FOUR WEEKS Since Their Last Injection

Our predictions were right, just not nearly as accelerated as we expected. We’ve said for months that the Covid-19 “boosters” would accelerate from once a year to every six months, then three months, then monthly. It seems our bold prediction wasn’t nearly bold enough in the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Allowing for a mere four-week gap means their doctors and scientists aren’t seeing the “protection” they’d expected for the “fully vaccinated.” The jabs are failing miserably and instead of acknowledging their errors and facing the repercussions, governments across the globe are doubling-down on their idiocy.

But that’s not the saddest part. The real idiocy is coming from the people; far too many are lining up to get their ongoing regimen of experimental drugs injected into their arms. They see nothing amiss about a “vaccine” that apparently needs to be “boosted” constantly in order to work at all.

The Omicron Scariant has pushed Pandemic Panic Theater to new levels despite the fact that every study that’s happened since Black Friday indicates it’s mild and not a real threat to anyone. But it has a scary name and for a while everyone seemed to be concerned so that has passed as a predicate to take vaccine- and booster-pushing to a higher realm.

Some may say that it’s just a single German state, but that’s how these things work. They start by seeing what the appetite is for their campaign du jour, in this case boosters. Then, they see if the adverse reactions are easy enough to suppress. Once they either accept or reject the risks and optics, they decide whether to take the test case and broaden its scope.

If they can suppress the adverse reactions and if enough people seem willing to get their 4-week jabs, it’ll spread to all of Germany, and then to some or all parts of the European Union. From there, it’s just a matter of time before we hear Anthony Fauci pushing the idea onto Americans.

If word of adverse reactions to four-week boosters cannot be contained properly or if the people seem too reluctant to get jabbed so soon after already being jabbed, they’ll tap the brakes on their agenda. They’ll likely give a three-month gap a try before rolling it out universally.

There are two distinct possibilities about why this is all happening now. It seems to be rushed; like I noted, we expected an incremental decrease in time since the last jab. They jumped straight from six months to a month, which tells us they either need to press faster to achieve their agenda goals or they’re concerned that word is spreading too quickly about risks and inefficacy. If it’s the former, that bodes ill for us all because it means they’re getting desperate for some unknown reason. If it’s the latter, it means we’re starting to turn the tide on the war over information and they’re just trying to jab as many people as possible before the con is fully revealed.

Obviously, the latter would be preferable. Either way, it’s incumbent on those who are fully or partially aware of the truth to keep spreading it far and wide. There is hope as long as there are people fighting the good fight.

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay.