VAXX Conspiracy Austria Plummets Into Political Turmoil as Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg Steps Down

VAXX Conspiracy? Austria Plummets Into Political Turmoil as Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg Steps Down

It’s hard enough getting many Americans to pay attention to what’s happening in American politics, let alone events that are happening half a world away in a foreign nation. But the odd series of events in Austria may be a harbinger for what’s to come across Europe and eventually to the United States. If you’re not paying attention yet, today’s a good day to start.

Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg is stepping down as soon as his party selects a new leader. The former party leader, Sebastian Kurz, declared earlier in the day he’s stepping down as well to focus on his young family. These events by themselves may seem like just another day in European politics, but when we consider the trajectory Austria is heading with some of the most draconian Covid vaccine mandates in the world being recently announced, we should keep a close eye on developments there.

Kurz was the young, firebrand chancellor who had the attention of President Trump. But allegations that he used state funds to solicit positive press reports forced him to resign “temporarily” so he could clear his name, prompting Schallenberg to step in for their conservative People’s Party (ÖVP) in the interim. Shortly after Kurz announced he is retiring from politics completely, Schallenberg announced he will step down as Chancellor once a new party leader is in power to also take over his position as state leader.

Meanwhile, every citizen in Austria is expected to get vaxxed by February 1 of next year or face harsh fines. According to Natural News:

Austria is set to enact some of the harshest penalties for citizens who refuse to get Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines. Refusing the experimental and dangerous vaccines will cost Austrians thousands of euros in fines.

Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg recently announced that the COVID-19 vaccine mandate will affect virtually every single person in the country.

This nationwide mandate is expected to come into effect starting Feb. 1, 2022. Exemptions will only be granted to those who are unable to get vaccinated due to medical reasons. The age from which people will be required to get the vaccine has yet to be determined.

To properly coerce Austrians into taking the experimental and deadly COVID-19 vaccine, the government is preparing to fine people up to 3,600 euros ($4,079) for remaining unvaccinated. The fine will increase to 7,200 euros ($8,150) for those who have already been fined twice.

Once the vaccine mandate goes into effect next year, authorities will first offer people who have not taken the vaccine an appointment to get their first doses. Penalties will be placed on people who reject the offer.

COVID-19 booster vaccines will also be made mandatory. According to Minister for the Constitution Karoline Edtstadler, fully vaccinated Austrians who refuse to take booster doses will be fined up to 1,500 euros ($1,700). “The plan is not only for people to take the first shot but that they really make it to full immunization,” said Edtstadler.

The timing of all of this is too conspicuous to be coincidence. Kurz gets hit with trumped up charges that his party feels are so easy to debunk, they keep him as party leader and fully expect to reinstate him as state leader soon. Schallenberg steps in temporarily and enacts vaccine mandates that now seem to be the roadmap being used by other European countries. Both announce their resignations shortly afterwards, leaving room for a brand new person to take charge of the country as they transition into totalitarian mandates.

This all seems like the machinations of the powers-that-be, using Austria and their popular conservative leaders to blaze the path towards a completely segregated society in which those who choose to remain unjabbed are ostracized, fined, and eventually imprisoned. And while all this happens in Europe with similar activities occurring in Australia, the authoritarians in the U.S. government are watching closely at the reactions.

If you ever want to know the Democrats’ goals, just watch what happens in Europe.

Are you paying attention yet? You need to. The thought that it could never happen in America like it’s happening elsewhere is a foolish notion. Powers and Principalities are making moves. We need to be on high alert.