'Vaccines' In Sweden Getting Discarded as Covid Deaths Hit Nil

‘Vaccines’ In Sweden Getting Discarded as Covid Deaths Hit Nil

When history books detail the Great Covid Plandemic, they will look fondly on Sweden for multiple reason. They went against the grain and avoided lockdowns while every other Western nation ridiculed them and accused them of killing off their population. They embraced herd immunity as the pathway to normalcy. They achieved extremely low daily death counts, often zero, ahead of all of the nations who thought lockdowns were the way to go.

If there’s one flaw to their strategy, it’s that they’ve joined most other nations in embracing vaccinations. They’re not at the top of the list, ranking as the 38th most vaccinated in the world at 62.3% fully-vaxxed and another 20% half-vaxxed. But it seems they aren’t going much higher. Health officials are closing down vaccination facilities and tossing the injections in the garbage because the remaining people who are not jabbed appear to want to stay that way.

According to Free West Media:

The Swedish care company Doktor24 announced that they had to throw away 16 000 vaccine doses. This was because the interest in becoming vaccinated had suddenly “plunged”. Now the company is also closing its temporary vaccination center in the Slakthus area in Stockholm.

It is above all in the younger age groups that the propensity to get vaccinated has slowed down. The bookings are fewer than expected.

For the Swedish population as a whole, over 16 years, 82,4 percent have received at least one jab, Swedish outlet SVT reported.

They didn’t handle the Plandemic perfectly. Nobody did. But Sweden has emerged as the model that no other nation is willing to embrace because doing so would be admitting they were wrong the whole time.