Vaccine Stations in Grade Schools_ Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Highlights Stunning Details from Dear Leader Biden's Press Conference

Vaccine Stations in Grade Schools: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Highlights Stunning Details from Dear Leader Biden’s Press Conference

Joe Biden’s press conference today caused quite a stir among conservative journalists. Unfortunately, a lot of the most important details have still not been disseminated. Even more unfortunate is the fact that since mainstream media will filter out all the bad things the Dear Leader spoke, it would be surprising if more than 1% of the country was aware that Kindergarten students can get jabbed by their school nurse as early as next week.

This is absolutely shocking news. Even many of us who have been blowing the whistle about medical tyranny have been caught off guard by this rapid development. With so many other things happening, it’s easy to miss these types of details. Thankfully, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is on top of it and broadcast the message below on Telegram to her 150K followers there.

We need to get the word out to a lot more. Here’s Dr. Tenpenny’s post in its entirety, emojis and all:

You probably missed the details from Bidens announcement 📢 today because it was quickly packed into the totality of his press announcement. Basically they start vaccinating 💉kids 5-11 at school 🏫 next week all over the USA.

I know it doesn’t sound possible that this could be happening now and so quickly but read his transcript and watch the video. 📺

THIS IS FRIGHTENING 😱 this has been in motion for weeks. Do not be surprised if this happens without your consent with the claims that it was a mistaken identity – It’s happened before!!! 😢

President Biden’s press conference today, November 3, 2021 (here is the link) in which he announced Vaccines have been approved for children ages five (5) to eleven (11), and he stated said vaccines will be injected into children at their schools starting next week.

Specifically, Biden stated in the referenced video:

  1. [Time Line 34:45 to 35:00] “my administration is ready, we are ready from day one today, organized and have a plan for this vaccination’s launch. As soon as next week, we’ll have enough vaccine AND ENOUGH PLACES, and parents will be able to schedule appointments to get their kids their first shot.”

  2. [Time Line 35:01 to 35:22] “We have already secured a vaccine supply for every single child in America, ages five (5) through eleven (11).” …..”We started packing and shipping” the vaccinations to states “last week”.

  3. [Time Line 35:33 to 35:59] “These doses will be available at approximately 20,000 locations around the country. These include places that parents know and trust. They are local pharmacies, they are pediatricians, family doctors and children’s hospitals.”

  4. [Time Line 36:09 to 36:22] “We have also are working with Governors, MAYORS, AND LOCAL SCHOOL LEADERS TO BRING VACCINES TO SCHOOLS. As of today, more than 6,000 school clinics have already been planned in school districts around the country.”

Joe Biden is pushing his medical dictatorship as far as he possibly can. He’s going outside of the Constitution, working against the science, and doing the bidding of Big Pharma. This must be opposed.