USDA Says Food Prices Will Go Up 5% In 2022 – But Shoppers Say They’re Up 20%, 25%, And 100% In Some Places

A lot of people are starting to worry about food prices.

The USDA is trying to get ahead of the worry by saying food prices will go up 5% in 2022.

But a lot of people aren’t buying the USDA’s number – they’re already seeing prices skyrocket.

The Epoch Times reported: 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture expects food prices to soar 5 percent on average this year, marking the highest single-year surge since 2008, which is set to leave Americans forking out more for everyday food essentials.

In its monthly Food Price Outlook, the USDA said it has raised its estimate following two months of price surges ‘across many of the food categories.'”

Here’s 11 Alive reporting on the same USDA report:

Grocery store shoppers aren’t buying the USDA’s numbers.

They say food prices are already up 20%, 25%, and even 100% in some places.

Commenters on the Epoch Times article said:

“Only 5%??? Hogwash! That’s the past! We are now entering Hyperinflation that KS to the printing of fiat currency.
George Carlins Rule #1: “I never trust anything the government tells me.”

“Ours is up about 20%.”

“One of our local bakeries raised their price on rolls from $1.59 a half dozen to $2.09……that’s 25%, and there are many other items that went up, that one sticks in my head though”

“A 5 dozen box of eggs went from $6.00 to $9.50 In less than a year. Meat went up 25%. These people are lying and most citizens know that.”

“What the hell are the inflation watchers at the USDA smoking? 5 percent?!?! These inflation watchers don’t shop at my grocery stores in Hendersonville NC. Beef prices alone have increased almost 100% year over year! This corrupt interpretation of what the true costs of Biden’s inflation needs to stop!!”

One thing people are doing to fight food inflation is to get so-called “emergency food.”

Emergency food is usually freeze-dried and made to last for years.

When grocery stores get too expensive, you open a container and use it to supplement your meals.

Because you bought it before prices went up, you’re feeding yourself and your family with cheaper food.

If you haven’t tried emergency food lately, the taste is much improved. New technology locks in the flavors, and chefs are making the recipes.

So many people are using this method that, according to one report, Costco  sold out of some of its emergency foods:

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When you have long-lasting food, you worry less about what your family will eat in an emergency.

If Biden’s food price inflation continues, you’ve got enough food to last.

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