Unvaxxed NFL Player Cole Beasley Goes off on Critics While Exposing the Truth About the Leagues Covid Policies

Unvaxxed NFL Player Cole Beasley Goes Off on Critics While Exposing the Truth About the League’s Covid Policies

The NFL is in self-preservation mode. With 96% of their players and pretty much all of their coaches and staff vaccinated, they have decided to stop testing vaccinated players for Covid-19 unless they show symptoms. It’s not that they no longer think vaccinated players are contracting the disease. It’s because they KNOW the disease is spreading across the league faster than Tyreek Hill can run the 40.

When Cole Beasley tested positive for Covid as an unvaccinated player, he was met with absolute hatred from the vaxx-nannies out there who willfully ignore the hundreds of “fully vaccinated” players who tested positive in the last week. But unlike the vaccinated, Beasley is definitely going to be out on Sunday’s pivotal game because of the NFL’s segregation rules.

He isn’t happy about the rules and he definitely isn’t happy about the ignorant criticism being lobbed at him. He took to Instagram to let everyone know how he feels.

“Just to be clear Covid is not keeping me out of this game,” Beasley said on Instagram. “The rules are. Vaxxed players are playing with Covid every week now because they don’t test. One of my vaxxed teammates is in the hospital missing games. I’m sure he didn’t get this same energy. Thank you for those who support. Everyone else, if you don’t get what’s happening then there is nothing anybody can do for you.”

The vaccinated player Beasley was referring to is guard Jon Feliciano. The lineman went to the emergency room with Covid symptoms on Sunday just before kickoff. The next day, he Tweeted something that made most believe he is an “anti-vaxxer.”

After backlash, he responded to those accusing him of holding the same stance as Beasley.

Is Feliciano regretting his jabs? Is he expressing frustration that he was coerced into getting jabbed like so many other players who didn’t want to go through the same daily grind the segregated unvaxxed have to go through? Either way, he’s one of the “rare” breakthrough cases who experienced symptoms bad enough to send him to the emergency room.

It’s hard to tell which is worse: The NFL for imposing a draconian form of medical segregation that demonizes anyone unwilling to be jabbed with experimental drugs, or the vaxx-nanny fans who spend their time doing the demonizing on behalf of the NFL and their Big Pharma puppetmasters.