Unhinged Covid-19 Lockdown 'Copypasta' Spreads Across Twitter Like a Plague

Unhinged Covid-19 Lockdown ‘Copypasta’ Spreads Across Twitter Like a Plague

A Twitter user reacting to news that social distancing rules in bars and pubs were being dropped prompted a viral “copypasta” of his unhinged rant. Twitter user “sam” @wwfcBanx_ responded to the news by calling for a national lockdown until at least Christmas.

“this is disgusting, masks and social distancing should be in place till minimum christmas time at the earliest, the government are clueless, the Delta variant should be taken seriously and we should go into a national lockdown to prevent it spreading”

At the time of this article, the content of his Tweet has been copied and pasted into fresh Tweets by over 200 users. That means it’s like at least a thousand who have done so since Twitter limits the visibility of many accounts through search protocols.

While many who posted the Tweet were mocking the original poster, a good chunk of them have been spreading the post as a response to anyone calling for lockdowns to be rescinded. A quick sampling of those posting it showed more than half were serious about their calls for continued lockdowns, social distancing, mask-wearing, and vaccinations.


Science has demonstrated the inefficacy of social distancing and other lockdown protocols in stopping the spread of Covid-19, but there are still plenty of people who believe in them for authoritarianism and fearmongering.

Image by kropekk_pl from Pixabay.