Shish Kabob Man NYC

Unfazed Dude Eats Shish Kabob in NYC as Animal Rights Activists Rant Incoherently in His Face

This man has become a legend.

According to RedState:

It’s hard to find more obnoxious people than those who populate the various environmentalist movements. Whether they are blocking traffic, dumping blood on themselves, or gluing their hands to priceless pieces of art, never has a movement done more to turn the general public against them. And since it’s Sunday, and I just don’t have the will to write about something more serious (it’s been a wild week in the news), here’s a viral video illustrating the hysteria of animal rights activists.

In it, a man becomes a legend after calmly eating a shish kabob in front of a hysterical group of protesters. This is grade-A, prime trolling.

While this is all entertaining, it highlights an important weapon to use against the radical left. It’s not just a great tactic against animal rights loonies, either. Regardless of the woke cause-du-jour, the only weapon they have outside of direct violence is ranting and insults. If we are unaffected by rants and insults, we can allow them to expose themselves as the complete fools they are.

It’s not easy. They know how to level insults, at least at a petty level. Having the patience of Shish Kabob Man in NYC is an effective way to disarm and neuter radical leftist activists.

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