Ultra-Vaxxed and Boostered UK Seeing DOUBLE the Covid Cases They Had Before Anyone Was _Vaccinated_

Ultra-VAXXED and “Boostered” UK Seeing QUADRUPLE the Covid Cases They Had Before Anyone Was “Vaccinated”

Over 90% of the population 12-or-older in the United Kingdom has been vaccinated and 55% have received their first (of many) booster shots. Despite being “protected” from Covid-19, they are experiencing their worst surge in cases since the beginning of the pandemic, prompting many to question whether the “vaccines” actually do anything to stop or even slow the spread.

In fact, the average daily cases reported this week are nearly four times as high as they were before anyone in the nation had been jabbed. The first vaccine administered in the UK was on December 8, 2020. At that point, there had only been four days since the beginning of the pandemic when more than 25,000 cases were reported. Today, they hit a grim milestone.

Meanwhile, nations across the world, including the United States, persist in pushing the injections as a way of stopping the disease. The data is crystal clear but the massive levels of indoctrination through Pandemic Panic Theater are preventing much of the masses from connecting the dots and coming to the obvious conclusion. The vaccines do not work as advertised and mandates are ludicrous prima facie.

The current narrative is that the vaccines protect people from needing hospitalization or dying, but the data contradicts this notion as well.

If the jabs don’t stop the spread and do not substantially reduce hospitalizations or deaths, why are governments so militant about jabbing every man, woman, and child? Why are corporate media journalists not asking any questions about the efficacy or safety of the jabs based on what the data is telling them? Why are hospitals and medical associations dismissing doctors and nurses who follow the science instead of Big Pharma’s narrative? And most importantly, why are millions of Americans still so concerned about whether their friends and family have taken ineffective and potentially dangerous injections?

Big Pharma has used its tremendous influence over government, corporate media, Big Tech, academia, and the healthcare industry to gaslight the masses into becoming their strongest advocates. Average American citizens who have ignored the science and listened only to what they’re being told by their “betters” have become adamant defenders of Big Pharma’s profits. Many are doing it because since they took the jabs, they want others to be in the same class. Getting more people injected helps them feel more justified in being conned.

We are in a post-truth society in which science is ignored for the sake of making people feel like they didn’t make the worst permanent decision of their lives. This, more than anything else, is why news like the UK’s “inexplicable” Covid spike doesn’t sway very many people into admitting the jabs don’t work.