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Ukraine Conflict Will Stop “In a Moment” if Kremlin’s Demands Are Met

The conflict in Ukraine will end “in a moment” if the Ukrainian government agrees to terms set forth by the Kremlin. These terms, documented by Reuters below, seem reasonable to some.

According to Reuters:

Russia has told Ukraine it is ready to halt military operations “in a moment” if Kyiv meets a list of conditions, the Kremlin spokesman said on Monday.

Dmitry Peskov said Moscow was demanding that Ukraine cease military action, change its constitution to enshrine neutrality, acknowledge Crimea as Russian territory, and recognise the separatist republics of Donetsk and Lugansk as independent states.

It was the most explicit Russian statement so far of the terms it wants to impose on Ukraine to halt what it calls its “special military operation”, now in its 12th day. Peskov told Reuters in a telephone interview that Ukraine was aware of the conditions. “And they were told that all this can be stopped in a moment.”

There was no immediate reaction from the Ukrainian side.

Some are reading this as a message from the Kremlin indicating they do not think the war is going well. Others point out that these demands were made long before a Russian troop set foot on Ukrainian soil.

A third round of negotiations are underway as of Monday. The United States has tried to be as involved as possible, but neither side has seemed willing to talk to us. Would this have happened if Trump were still in office?