Bill Aldenberg

Ugly Precedent Set by Jury in Alex Jones Trial by Awarding Former FBI Agent $90 Million for Getting His Feelings Hurt

The billion dollar verdict dropped on Alex Jones yesterday sent shockwaves that will reverberate for years, possibly decades as a direct attack against freedom of speech as well as freedom of thought. Those who the jury deemed injured by Jones’ accusations of being “crisis actors” were all rewarded with unprecedented paydays. Among those set to get a huge payday is Bill Aldenberg, a former FBI agent who responded to the Sandy Hook mass murder.

Aldenberg also happens to have been lead investigator for John Durham in his alleged attempts to hold Russiagate perpetrators accountable.

According to Daily Wire:

William Aldenberg, who as an FBI agent responded to the December 14, 2012 shooting at a Connecticut elementary school and testified at the Connecticut trial to determine how much Jones must pay in damages, was one of the government witnesses in the trial. He told the jury he was hurt by Jones’ claims the shooting, in which 20 first-graders and six educators were killed, was a hoax perpetrated by “crisis actors.”

“No, no. No, sir,” an emotional Aldenberg testified when attorney Christopher Mattei, who represented families of the victims, asked if there were any actors at the school. “No. It’s awful, awful.”

For Aldenberg to receive compensation from Jones because he was “hurt by Jones’ claims” sets a horrible precedent against free speech. Cops across the country are called far worse than “crisis actor” by people every day. There is absolutely zero justification for awarding him that kind of money, or really any money at all. Aldenberg did not have his career affected. He did not lose money as a result of Jones’ accusations. He did not have to seek expensive psychological treatments or do things that harmed himself or others. He got his feelings hurt and that’s somehow worth a $90 million jackpot.

As I noted in my opening on yesterday’s episode of The JD Rucker Show, this show trial was not about what Alex Jones said but who he is and what he represents. By slapping him with this outrageous verdict and including a former law enforcement officer on the beneficiary list, we are being told that going against the mainstream narrative is anathema. We are being told that we will be punished for speaking out whether we’re right or not.

Get called names by an influencer, produce some tears on the witness stand, and get paid. That’s the play being run by people like Bill Aldenberg against Alex Jones. And an influenced jury in a corrupt show trial helped write the check.

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