Stephan Bonnar

UFC Hall of Famer Dies Suddenly of a Heart Complication at Age 45

The trend of deadly heart problems arising in young and otherwise healthy people continues as a UFC Hall of Famer died suddenly from “presumed heart complications” Thursday. The following day, a 37-year-old Executive Producer for ABC News died suddenly from a heart attack at the age of 37.

According to Fox News:

Stephan Bonnar, UFC Hall of Famer, died on Thursday at the age of 45.

“Stephan Bonnar was one of the most important fighters to ever compete in the Octagon,” UFC President Dana White said in a statement. “His fight with Forrest Griffin changed the sport forever, and he will never be forgotten. The fans loved him, related to him and he always gave them his best. He will be missed.”

Bonnar is considered a pioneer for the UFC, as he made a name for himself on the first season of “The Ultimate Fighter.” He finished as that season’s runner-up to Forrest Griffin in a fight that is widely known as one of the greatest fights of all time. White has called the fight one of the driving forces behind the success of UFC, and the fight almost singlehandedly put the two fighters in the Hall of Fame in 2013.

“I knew it was a good fight during the fight,” Bonnar once said of the epic three-rounder. “It hit me when everyone started stomping their feet and it felt like the whole place was shaking. And that was in the second round. I was like ‘oooh, this must be good.’”

“Everything changed,” Bonnar also said. “I didn’t think I’d have a UFC career. It was just a little hobby I was doing, so it changed everything. Almost overnight, I became like a celebrity. Everywhere I went, someone would recognize me, even in obscure places. I was traveling with Tapout and we were in a small town. I was jogging and someone in a pickup was going ‘Hey Bonnar.’ And everywhere you go, someone knows who you are. It was wild.”

As is now standard operating procedure in corporate media, the story from Fox News does not mention “vaccines” or “Covid” despite the fact that there has been an inexplicable rise in people dying suddenly since the jabs were rolled out.

We will continue to highlight these stories because corporate media will not. They fear repercussions from Big Tech tyrants, not to mention getting cut off from their Big Pharma benefactors. We are beholden to neither industry and will only focus on revealing the truth.

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