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Tyson Foods Debacle Is One of Three Reasons an America First Survival Company Works Only With Local Texas Ranchers

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American citizens across the country have expressed discontent with Tyson Foods after the processing juggernaut closed a plant in Iowa to allow them to hire immigrants with work permits in New York and other states. According to Madeleine Hubbard at Just The News:

Tyson Foods says it would like to hire 42,000 immigrants to fill positions just days after the company announced it would close a plant in Iowa that employed about 1,200 people.

Tyson is joining Tent Partnership for Refugees, a nonprofit that works to get refugees hired, and it plans on hiring at least some of the more than 180,000 migrants who have gone through New York City’s intake system over the past two years, Bloomberg reported last week.

About 42,000 of Tyson’s 120,000 U.S. employees are immigrants, and Garrett Dolan, who is in charge of the company’s efforts to overcome barriers to employment, including immigration status, said, “We would like to employ another 42,000 if we could find them.”

Prepper All-Naturals, a survival beef company, has taken the opposite approach for their business. They not only hire American citizens but also work with local Texas ranchers who have the same philosophy. As migrant hires are becoming more prevalent in the food industry, this veteran-owned company holds an America First mentality.

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Here is co-founder JD Rucker on the Breanna Morello show last week talking about the situation at Tyson Foods:

There are three reasons Prepper All-Naturals works only with Texas ranchers they can meet with and visit at any time rather than taking the more lucrative but anti-American approach that most survival food companies have adopted…

American Citizens Need Help

Most corporations in the food industry along with the vast majority of politicians in Washington DC seem to put America citizens last, particularly veterans. Massive amounts of money are being sent to Ukraine while our southern border is being invaded. Farmland is not being protected from foreign interests. Now, Tyson Foods and other companies are firing American citizens in favor of virtue signaling for migrants.

Prepper All-Naturals wants to help Americans. Unfortunately, the food industry at nearly every level tends to employ both work-permitted migrants as well as illegal aliens because doing so is cheaper. This is why Prepper All-Naturals hand-selected the ranchers, slaughterhouse, and employees based on adherence to employing Americans.

Sourcing Beef Is Covered in Smokescreens

Cattle are the only sources of food in America that can be imported and still receive the label of “Product of the USA.” This is a loophole that allows food companies to get cows from overseas where there is no visibility of how they were treated or what has been put in them. This is unique to beef products, which should make every meat-eating American wonder why.

The ranchers working with Prepper All-Naturals raise their cattle from birth to slaughter. All of the survival beef products Prepper All-Naturals make come from cows that have never been outside of the state of Texas… at least not until their Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, or Sirloin is shipped to their customers.

  • For a limited time, Prepper All-Naturals is offering 25% off with promo code “veterans25” to help drive donations for American veterans charities.

Quality Matters

There is only one ingredient in a bag of Prepper All-Naturals survival steak: Beef. No preservatives. No chemicals. They don’t even add salt so the steak cubes can fit into nearly every American’s diet.

It would be disingenuous to say that the Iowa incident is the main reason Prepper All-Naturals only works with local ranchers rather than big corporations like Tyson Foods. It really comes down to quality more than anything else. Whether it’s corporate food companies, ranches owned by plutocrats like Bill Gates, or any of the hundreds of farms and ranches operated by proxies of the Chinese Communist Party, there is always a question about how good the food they produce actually is.

The ranchers Prepper All-Naturals has partnered with focus on happy and healthy cattle. It makes a huge difference when trying to keep a family happy and healthy as well.

Getting beef with a 25-year shelf life from an America First company is a no-brainer for many. The fact that for a limited time Prepper All-Naturals is offering 25% off with promo code “veterans25” is just a very nice added bonus.