Tyrannical T-Mobile to FIRE Most “Unvaccinated” Employees By April 2

The Gateway Pundit reported this weekend on an email sent out to T-Mobile employees. The wireless company is ignoring the Supreme Court’s decision regarding Joe Biden’s OSHA mandates and is taking it upon itself to force employees to choose between taking an experimental drug for a disease that affects a tiny portion of the population or losing their jobs.

According to the article:

T-mobile, an American wireless network partly owned by German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom, sent out an intimidating email to its employees on Friday stating that those who do not become fully vaccinated by April 2 will be terminated from their job.

According to the email obtained by TGP, employees who failed to show proof of first vaccination by February 21 will be placed on unpaid leave. Employees who do not become fully vaccinated and obtain a Magenta Pass will be terminated by April 2.

“Employees who have not yet taken action to receive their first dose and upload proof by February 21 will be placed on unpaid leave. Affected employees who do not become fully vaccinated and obtain a Magenta Pass by April 2 will be separated from T-Mobile. Those employees who have a pending or approved medical or religious accommodation or state-specific exemption through the HR process are excluded from this action for the duration of their pending or approved accommodation or exemption.”

However, mobile experts at T-Mobile stores who are more at risk of getting Covid are not required to get vaccinated.

This last part about in-store employees not needing to get vaxxed demonstrates the absolutely ludicrous nature of T-Mobile’s move. They’re basically saying that anyone who is working remotely in their home or at the office must get jabbed because they’re non-essentially and can be easily replaced, but the company’s bottom line could be affected by stores losing too many employees so those in contact with other’s don’t need to get jabbed. It makes about as much sense as all the other anti-science mandates being put out by companies and governments across the globe.

Twitter conservatives were outraged:



One might think it would be a universally despised move by the wireless company, but many leftists on Twitter are actually praising the company. #OccupyDemocrats posted heartfelt appreciation and their tyranny-loving followers echoed the sentiment. I won’t be posting those Tweets here.

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it many times again in the future: As long as the tyrants feel no pain to their bottom line, they’ll continue to side with authoritarianism. It’s in their nature. We have to make sure they feel the pain.