Ted Cruz Delivers Inconvenient ID Facts to Democrat Lawmakers Who Fled Texas on a Private Jet

Two MORE ‘Vaccinated’ Texas Democrat Fugitives Test Positive for Covid-19

A total of five of the Democrat lawmakers who fled Texas in opposition to election integrity have now tested positive for Covid-19. All have been fully “vaccinated.” None of them wore masks on the private jet that flew them to Washington DC, as can be seen in their “proud” picture above.

As The Austin American-Statesman reported:

Two more Texas Democrats tested positive for the coronavirus Sunday, bringing the total number of cases among the nearly 60 lawmakers in Washington up to five.

State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer of San Antonio said in a statement that he was one of the two members to test positive for the virus on Sunday, after testing negative on both Friday and Saturday.

The Texas House Democratic Caucus is not naming the individuals who have tested positive, but officials with the party said all of the lawmakers in Washington have been vaccinated, including those who are now infected.

The narratives on this one build themselves. First, there’s the fact that they weren’t wearing masks and seemed absolutely chipper while embracing the mandates for the peasants to wear masks throughout their miserable commercial flights. Second, the “vaccines” seem to be missing the mark a bit in doing what vaccines are supposed to do, namely to protect the recipients of the magical injections from contracting the disease.

Third and arguably most importantly, their opposition to election integrity is wearing thin on the nerves of Texans and Americans. Even fellow Democrats are starting to complain about the waste of taxpayer dollars their publicity stunt is costing. $43,000 per day could help a lot of Texans pay their rent or put food on the table.

Questions are also being raised about Kamala Harris’ hospital visit shortly after meeting with the group.

The attack by Texas Democrats on election integrity has repercussions that extend beyond their little publicity stunt. The optics are deteriorating as they’re stuck in DC holding a big pile of Covid garbage.