Two More Teens “Mysteriously” Die and Even Conservative and Alternative Media Refuses to Ask, “Was it the Jabs?”

Corporate media and leftist media are shills for the globalist elites. That’s why they do everything they can to cover up when young and otherwise healthy people die from a cause of death that is unknown. But why are so few in conservative and alternative media asking the very obvious question?

“Was it the jabs?”

For those who are attached to the financial benefits and traffic associated with Big Tech teats, it’s somewhat understandable. I’m not saying it’s justified by any means; we need honest media asking good faith questions at a time when the powers-that-be are frantically attempting to jab every man, woman, and child on earth as many times as possible. But at least if they depend on Google ad money or Facebook traffic to stay in business, I can understand that it’s a tough choice. They’re making the wrong choice in my humble opinion, but I can say that because we are NOT beholden to these tyrants.

Those of us who do not have such attachments should be leading the charge to ask the question. When someone dies mysteriously, we often ask if foul play was involved. We ask if there’s evidence of suicide. We try to find out of there were underlying health issues. So why do so few even mention the words “Covid” or “vaccine” in stories they post about these mysterious deaths? Far too many are doing the “wink wink” style of journalism where they mention the death, highlight that the cause of death is unknown, and then leave the readers to draw their own conclusions.

That’s simply not good enough. On today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show, I broke down two stories from this week in which the question needed to be asked. The first is the story of the Mississippi State football player who died. According to Breitbart:

Samuel Westmoreland, 18, a freshman offensive lineman at Mississippi State University, died on Oct. 19, according to reports. Westmoreland’s death occurred only two days before his 19th birthday.

Westmoreland was found dead in a church in Starkville, Mississippi. And while no cause has been announced, the police have already ruled out any foul play, according to WTVA, the NBC affiliate of Tupelo.

“The Mississippi State Athletics Family is heartbroken by the sudden death of Sam Westmoreland,” MSU head football coach Mike Leach said in a statement released Wed. afternoon.

As usual, the cause of death was listed as not being “announced” but nowhere in the article are the jabs mentioned.

The second comes from Citizen Free Press who posted a video and attached an article. Here’s the video:

Again, the article did not mention the jabs, though at least Citizen Free Press highlighted that the cause of death is unknown:

“They told us that while he was doing his solo, he just passed out,” Karolin Moshi said. “When I got there, Daniel was already gone. My precious baby boy.” The Moshis agreed to an autopsy and initial results did not determine a cause of death. More tests may take several weeks.

I’m not sure whether these journalists, who I greatly respect and who I believe are fighting the good fight, refuse to even ask the question. Are they scared of lawsuits for asking what should be considered an obvious question? It may have been less obvious a few months ago, but the science clearly indicates that the jabs can cause major heart problems such as myocarditis, pericarditis, and heart attacks in otherwise healthy young people, especially male teens.

Apologies up front for getting a little hot during today’s show. I try to keep emotion out of it but this particular situation really chapped my khakis. Here’s my commentary:

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