Biden Pelosi Kiss

Two Days Before Testing Positive for Covid-19, Nancy Pelosi Kissed Joe Biden’s Cheek

Pandemic Panic Theater forced many leftists into demanding insane protocols for the little people. Speaker of the House was among those who even issued fines to members of Congress for not wearing a face diaper. But as draconian as she was before, today she’s willy-nilly handing out kisses, even to the installed President of the United States.

Unfortunately, she tested positive for Covid-19 this morning, two days after the kiss below…

Interestingly, Barack Obama, who tested positive or Covid a couple of weeks ago, is standing right behind both.

Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s combined age is 161-years-old. That’s not a good thing for a disease that seems to be most harmful to the elderly. Perhaps she should have been wearing one of those masks she forced on others for two years.