Two Americans Among Eight People Killed by Human Smuggler Who Crashed a Vehicle Full of Illegal Aliens

Americans are being harmed and often killed by illegal aliens every day. Even the process by which the illegal aliens are smuggled into the United States is dangerous for U.S. citizens. Two move victims can be added to that list, along with the smuggler and five illegal aliens following a fiery crash.

Jose and Isabel Lerma from Dalton, Georgia, had their vehicle struck head-on by a smuggler’s vehicle. The illegal aliens were evading law enforcement when the incident took place.

According to Bill Melugin:

8 people are dead, including two innocent Americans, after a human smuggler driving a vehicle full of illegal immigrants crashed head on into a SUV while evading police in Batesville, TX, killing everyone in both vehicles, according to @TxDPS. Deceased Americans from Georgia, several deceased illegal immigrants from Honduras, deceased smuggler from Houston.

The deceased innocent Americans have been identified as an elderly married couple from Dalton GA, in Whitfield County, according to @TxDPS. Their names are Jose Lerma & Isabel Lerma. Their son has been notified. They were driving to MX from GA when killed. DPS is investigating the legal status of the human smuggler.


These tragic events have been dramatically increasing in frequency ever since Joe Biden was installed into the White House. His regime’s open borders policies have been magnets for those who intend to steal our sovereignty.

Chris Olivarez, Spokesperson for the Texas Department of Public Safety, added more details:

@TxDPS is investigating a two-vehicle fatal crash on US 57 near Batesville. The driver in a Honda passenger car from Houston suspected of human smuggling was evading from Zavala COSO when the driver passed an 18-wheeler in a no-passing zone. The driver drove head-on with a Chevy SUV, causing the vehicle to burst into flames, killing the driver & passenger from Georgia. As a result, five passengers, including the suspected smuggler of the Honda, were killed. Troopers confirmed several of the deceased are from Honduras. Identities will be released once the next of kin is notified. This is still an ongoing investigation.

Meanwhile, corporate media and Democrats continue to ignore these stories even as they happen incessantly.