Aja the Empress

#TwitterHatesWomen Trends, and They Clearly Do

There’s a round-robin of topics that the Twitter goes through when they engage in constant censorship. Users get censored over “vaccine” truth, the word “groomers,” the stolen 2020 election, real science about the climate change hoax, and a slew of other “taboo” topics. Lately, they’ve had their banhammer cocked and ready to hit anyone who doesn’t want men competing against women.

#TwitterHatesWomen was trending after a flurry of censorship and suppression maneuvers over the topic. Of particular note was the banning of “Aja the Empress,” a popular bi-sexual female activist who strongly opposes transgender supremacy.



Celebrities like J.K. Rowling have been attacked for expressing feminist views that run counter to the notion that men can be women. She has had death threats for posting articles showing men put into women’s prison where they then rape their fellow prisoners.

Twitter bows to the transgender supremacy movement almost as much as they bow to the vaxx-pushers. It’s a crazy world when radical leftist feminists and conservatives have to fight the same foes.