Twitter Abuzz With ‘Paul Pelosi Is a Homosexual’ — If True, How Long Has Nancy Known?

Twitter is abuzz on Monday with posts about Paul Pelosi being a homosexual following the attack last week at the Pelosi’s heavily guarded San Francisco mansion at 2:00 AM by a “friend” wearing nothing but underwear.

Some took the opportunity to snarkily poke fun at the Democrat Party’s long strategy of building their power on the backs of fake victims:

Bring on the memes!

Then there’s the absurd gaslighting of Democrats, like Rob Reiner and the fake news media trying to tie the attacker to President Trump and the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement:

So, the question is, if Paul Pelosi is a closeted homosexual, does Nancy Pelosi know? If she does know about her 82-year-old husband’s perverted ways, how long has she known? Is the marriage a sham?

Whatever the truth is in this story, we may never completely know the whole story considering the clear coverup operation that is underway.