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TV Drug Ads Are Not About Selling More Pharmaceuticals, They’re About Big Pharma Buying off the Media

(Natural News)—All those obnoxious pharmaceutical commercials that get laced into just about every television and cable “news” program that airs in the United States these days might seem like they are simply about selling more drugs and getting people hooked, but Big Pharma’s true agenda is actually much more sinister than that.

Former pharmaceutical industry insider Calley Means spoke to Tucker Carlson recently about what he described as an “open secret” within the pharmaceutical industry. In essence, Means says that Big Pharma is buying the media with all those ads, which allows the drug industry to control what gets broadcasted on television and across the internet.

“You’re saying that pharma buys TV spots not to convince people to ask for specific drugs from their physicians, but to subvert the news business?” Carlson asked Means during the segment.

“This is an open secret working for pharma,” Means responded. “The kind of silly ads you see between the news breaks, the point of that is not – it’s largely to impact the customer. But pharma has already got that. They’ve already bought off the doctors. They’re good on that.”

“The news ad spending from pharma is a public relations lobbying tactic, essentially to buy off the news,” Means continued. “They’re not investigating pharma. The news has become basically a referee. That you are a terrible anti-science luddite for asking why the shots that we require our kids to get, that fundamentally by their own advertising change the immune system of that child for life.”

The full interview is available for viewing below:

American media controlled by Big Pharma

Functioning as referees, Big Pharma-controlled media outlets basically steer the conversation about a given matter in favor of drugs and vaccines while denigrating any and all who question them, including media talking-heads and personalities who almost always shill for the pharmaceutical industry.

The news referees questions about Big Pharma “when the two largest vaccine makers in the country are literally criminal enterprises. GlaxoSmithKline and Merck, in the past five years, have settled two of the largest criminal penalties in American corporate history for bribing doctors and creating misleading research,” Means further revealed.

“So, you literally have the media playing referee so that you can’t even ask a question.”

The tens of thousands, if not millions, of Americans who were injured by Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” are having a really tough time getting their stories told on the “news” for precisely this reason – because to tell such stories is equated as being “anti-science,” according to the pharma-controlled media.

Keep in mind that the U.S. is something of an anomaly when it comes to drug advertising. In most other countries, advertising prescription drugs directly to consumers is illegal, which is why non-U.S. news is typically more honest and hard-hitting.

Consider the Bangkok Post, a popular media source out of Thailand that recently ran a story about the dangers of COVID injections. Such a story would never be published by the so-called “legacy” media here in the United States because drug companies would likely retaliate by defunding U.S. media sources in retaliation.

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