Joe Kent

Tulsi Gabbard Just Endorsed an America First MAGA Republican Candidate

Trust must be earned, especially in the polarizing world of politics. Many conservatives cheered when former Congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard announced yesterday that she was leaving the Democrat Party. Others were skeptical; she may have been a libertarian-leaning moderate Democrat during her political career, but she was STILL a Democrat.

Old wounds are hard to heal. And while she has been a thorn in the side of the Democrats she used to caucus with on Capitol Hill, she also voted with them on most issues. That’s why many of us — and I’m included on this list — waited to see who she would endorse, if anyone, for the upcoming midterm elections.

Would she push for Lisa Murkowski like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have? Would she jump on the Dr-Oz-bandwagon and endorse the RINO over his unambiguously dangerous Democrat opponent, John Fetterman? Would she throw her weight behind Trump-hating Brian Kemp because Stacey Abrams represents the radicalization of the Democrat Party that drove Gabbard away?

Nope. She just endorsed Trump-backed MAGA patriot Joe Kent. Watch:

Well, that makes me feel much better about her. I’m not ready to say I fully trust Gabbard. Like I said, she worked against the America First agenda when she was on Capitol Hill. But endorsing Joe Kent, a former Green Beret and unabashed Trump supporter, is a great first step toward making me think there’s hope for former Democrats who aren’t just going to embrace milquetoast moderates.