Tulsi Gabbard Becomes First Democrat to Speak Out Against Davos, the World Economic Forum, and The Great Reset

Former Congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard became the first prominent Democrat to say an ill word against the World Economic Forum, their annual gathering in Davos, and “The Great Reset” that they hope to impose on the rest of the world.

The vast majority of Democrat lawmakers, current and former, either embrace the tenets of The Great Reset or remain silent on the issue. To be fair, most Republicans avoid the topic as well, though there are some like Rand Paul and Thomas Massie who have been outspoken on the subject. We track every mention of The Great Reset and the World Economic Forum in the news, and sadly we’re not seeing many Republicans or ANY Democrats talking negatively about them.

Gabbard hit the globalist elites in a Tweet:


While we struggle to afford food and fuel, the elite gathered at Davos/WEF to discuss how we should be allowed to live our lives. Their totalitarian dream of a so-called “Great Reset” where people own nothing and are tracked/monitored with every step, must be condemned by us all.

Many conservatives appreciate Gabbard’s libertarian-leaning perspectives, and while she’s still a Democrat with some pretty wacky ideas on a wide range of issues, she has remained consistent about the threats of globalism. She has gone against her party on many occasions, but this may be the divergence that gets her more targeted by the radical left.

The Great Reset represents an existential threat to western society. Some think it’s really a ploy against the whole world, but this isn’t necessarily true. The tenets that The Great Reset embraces go against capitalism, freedom, and individuality. These are distinctly western ideas as manifested by our forms of government and the economies that drive us forward.