Carlson Musk

Tucker’s Take on Terrified Journalists Following Twitter’s Takeover Is Spot-On

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has built a reputation for having the most powerful and honest opening monologues on television. He and his team nail the truth with nearly every show and Friday night’s take on Elon Musk buying Twitter is another gem.

According to The Last Refuge:

Tucker Carlson used his opening monologue Friday evening to outline his perspective on the Elon Musk takeover of the social media platform Twitter. Generally, Carlson does a good job framing the big picture of national events; however, Carlson outdid himself on this contextualized delivery.

While the underlying premise of Carlson’s position is structured on a yet-to-be-seen possibility of free speech, the context for the importance of the moment is very well presented. I hope that Tucker Carlson is correct in regard to the altruistic intent of Mr. Musk.

It’s so true that leftist corporate media outlets and their terrified journalists aren’t mad because of free speech. They LOVE free speech as long as they have that market cornered, which they have had on Twitter for years. Musk represents an existential threat to their exclusive right to express their opinions without fear of being countered in a significant way.