Tucker: Krispy Kreme Christie a “Blustery Coward” for Dodging Question About His UniParty-Swamp-Endorsed Ukraine Stance

Tucker Carlson got one wrong. It happens. He wrongly thinks there’s a chance that Chris Christie is NOT a blustery coward. In reality, he absolutely is one.

Carlson was referencing Christie’s unwillingness to discuss his UniParty-Swamp-endorsed stance on aid to Ukraine. More specifically, he wonders why Christie wouldn’t answer his question about Ukraine but was willing to talk about it to leftist corporate media instead.

As he Tweeted:

Sounds like this could use a longer conversation. We just asked @GovChristie to sit down and explain his views on Ukraine. He refused. You hate to think that Chris Christie is a blustery coward who plays the tough guy with sycophants at ABC but won’t answer real questions, but who knows? We hope he reconsiders.

It has been interesting seeing Carlson interview GOP presidential candidates. The only negative is knowing that he’s talking to a whole bunch of people who have no chance of being president.