Tucker: “Food Shortages – Not In Sudan – In Cincinnati, Reno, Spokane and Norfolk…It’s Scary” — Time To Stockpile Food?

Recently, Tucker told us three scary things:

1. Biden confirmed food shortages are coming. Biden said, “Food shortages — it’s gonna be real.” Just a year into his presidency.

2. “We’re speeding toward dystopia.” History shows food shortages are the most destabilizing trend you can have in a country. And Biden’s sanctions are making it worse.

3. Americans no longer own some U.S. farmland being used to produce our food. “China owns 200,000 acres of U.S. farmland valued at $2 billion.”

China is buying up our farmland and our energy, Tucker says.  “What will they buy next?” Tucker asks. “Our Great Lakes?”

Here’s the video (beginning at the 1:50 mark):

When Biden is done, what will be left?

“Not a single person born here has any idea of what a food shortage is,” Tucker says. “Our problem has always been having too much food. Now we won’t have enough. We know that because our president just told us that on camera.”

If Biden’s food shortage comes, what’s in your pantry?

Many of us have canned goods, but they only last so long.

In the last few years, so-called “emergency food” has come a long way.

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