Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson: Was Covid the Greatest Crime in History?

The questions that many of us have been asking for over two years are finally starting to reach corporate media, at least with one guy at one outlet. Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked on his Friday night show whether Covid-19 was the greatest crime in history.

“The coronavirus didn’t just change the United States,” he said. “The coronavirus changed the balance of power in the world forever. So when you think of Covid that way — and that’s the way the people running governments think about it, trust us — when you think of it that way it becomes pretty obvious that this was more than an overhyped public health emergency. In fact, it may very well have been a crime, the greatest crime in history. Was it?”


It’s important that “mainstream” personalities who play on the fringe, of which Carlson is the most prominent, start asking the questions that the average American doesn’t even realize they should ask. We can talk about it all day in alternative media, but until we get support from the “big guys” in media the masses will be left in the dark.