Tucker Carlson Climate Change Religion

Tucker Carlson Utterly Unravels the Climate Change “Religion”

When the late author and political philosopher Michael Crichton discussed climate change activism two decades ago, he made a compelling case for why it should be considered a religion. As Fox News host Tucker Carlson said, his statements were among the rare ones that have aged perfectly well on the subject.

Climate change cultists have their version of the Garden of Eden as the planet before humans invaded it and turned it into something dirty. They also have their “original sin,” in their case the Industrial Revolution. Their “end times” event is climate catastrophe. Yes, it is a religion and the cultists are as fervent as the most extreme members of any other faith-based group.

Joe Biden is leading them. Watch Carlson’s take on the issue:

“Nobody cares about data anymore; we saw that with COVID as well. Wear a cloth mask, said Fauci even as he privately admitted that cloth masks are useless to prevent the transmission of COVID,” Carlson said. “Take the COVID shot, Kathy Hochul told us, standing at a pulpit, because, and were quoting, ‘That’s what god wants.’ So once again, whatever this is, it is not science by definition, it’s religion. But despite the fact the Constitution prohibits the U.S. government from having a state religion, that now is our state religion.”

He described the Justice40 Commitment as one of the most extreme ideologies in America today. He then demonstrated how propaganda is being used, showing the example of pure gaslighting by corporate media echoing false narratives regarding hurricanes. The climate change cult has more cheerleaders in media than even the Democrat Party.

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