Tucker Carlson Spends His Whole Monologue on Kari Lake and It’s Epic

If the election is fair, Kari Lake is going to be the next governor of Arizona. The press hates her but the people love her. Considering the level of trust in the press is practically nil, it is a near certainty that Lake will get more legitimate votes than Democrat Katie Hobbs on November 8.

But here’s the thing. Very much like they see Donald Trump, Democrats and their RINO brethren see Lake as far too disruptive to the Uniparty System to be allowed to win. This is why they’re doing everything they can to stop her.

The weakness of Hobbs means “everything they can” will be massive, widespread voter fraud. It’s all they got.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson had Lake on Thursday night. It was a great interview, but his opening monologue leading to the interview was extremely important as it highlighted the realities we’re facing, not only in Arizona but across the nation. People like Lake, Blake Masters, Joe Kent, and J.D. Vance represent departures from the Uniparty System so they must be destroyed even if that means sending RINOs in to blow things up for them.

Here’s the video.

No gubernatorial election in the nation is more important than Arizona. It represents a massive embrace of America First leadership if Kari Lake wins. It represents the ultimate victory by the Uniparty Swamp if she doesn’t.