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Tucker Carlson Explains the Disastrous Repercussions to Benedict Biden’s Dangerous Speech

Joe Biden delivered what many are saying is the most extreme and ill-conceived speech in American presidential history. He attacked “MAGA Republicans,” who comprise the vast majority of conservatives and populists in the nation, as being enemies of democracy.

It was more divisive than anything any U.S. President has ever said, and Tucker Carlson responded:

“The threat is not coming from barefoot religious extremists in caves. It’s not the Chinese government. It’s not even Vladimir Putin himself, the most diabolical and evil man in history. No, ladies and gentlemen, this threat is worse than all of that, and it’s homegrown. As they say in the horror movies, ‘It’s coming from inside the house.’

“The single gravest threat to America today is Republican voters, all 77 million of them. They are Nazis and destroyers of democracy. They must be stopped. That is the message of Joe Biden’s speech.

“He referred to MAGA forces apparently marshaling at a Red Lobster near you to take over this country. To underscore how deeply Joe Biden means all this, tonight’s address in Philadelphia is not being categorized as a campaign event ahead of the midterm elections, which is what it looks like. No. He said this speech has the fool sponsorship of the White House.

“In other words what Joe Biden is saying right now is the official position of the entire executive branch of the U.S. government. That includes the Justice Department, the various intel agencies, and the world’s most powerful standing military.

“Think about that. Does it make you nervous? You don’t have to be a Trump voter to see a speech like this as a turning point in American history. For hundreds of years the U.S. has had a political system comprised of two competing parties. If you are to declare one party criminal and illegitimate, what would you be left with? You would be left with a one-party state. That is what Joe Biden is calling for tonight: a one-party state. It’s shocking.”


The Biden-Harris regime wants Americans to hate each other. He is attempting to orchestrate a controlled demolition of this nation and his proving himself more dangerous than any president in U.S. history.

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