Maricopa Katie Hobbs

Tucker Carlson Reiterates Katie Hobbs Staffers Broke the Law by Undermining the Election Through Twitter Censorship

As we covered over the weekend, revelations from the “Twitter Files” revealed staffers for Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who has manufactured a “victory” in last month’s gubernatorial race, illegally prompted Twitter to censor Tweets that were “an attempt to further undermine confidence in the election institution in Arizona.”

This is an unambiguous breech of our 1st Amendment rights. Government officials may not call on private companies to censor legal speech, but that’s exactly what Democrats and RINOs across the country have been doing for years. Now, it’s being exposed that the Hobbs Secretary of State staff — and likely her gubernatorial campaign staff — committed egregious acts of censorship against American citizens in their quest to steal the election from Republican Kari Lake.


While it’s noteworthy that the request which has been made public happened early in 2021, it demonstrates a willingness to suppress speech from within the halls of Arizona’s government. If they were doing so long before the primaries, we can safely assume that this practice was amplified in the heat of the general election in 2022.

As Carlson noted, Arizona is the last state in the nation to complain about its people not having faith in the election institution. The corruption that favors Democrats and RINOs in the state is arguably thicker than in any state. They have laws against ballot harvesting, but those laws are never enforced even in light of video evidence demonstrating massive, widespread voter fraud.

They don’t care. Their only concern is committing illegal acts and covering them up in order to take the purple state and make it as deep blue as possible. They want to be California and if the theft of the various elections in the state this year are not investigated and reversed, the state will be lost for the foreseeable future.

The will of the people has been subverted by power-hungry and unscrupulous Democrats and their RINO cronies who desperately want to keep America First patriots out of office. They’re willing to do anything because they feel they will not get caught. They might be right. Let’s pray that justice prevails and the confidence of the people is restored.

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