Tucker Carlson: “February 14, 2022 — The Day That Canada Abandoned Democracy and Became a Dictatorship”

Yesterday was a very bad day for Canada and western society. It saw medical tyrant Justin Trudeau turn against his people, doubling down on his authoritarianism and advancing his powers with authorization for the “Emergencies Act” to take down Freedom Convoy truckers once and for all.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson addressed it last night on his show. While we normally show longer clips of his openings and interviews, this one makes the important point in 17-seconds:

His question is an important one. “Will anybody say anything about it?”

The answer, of course, is no. While people who embrace freedom will be screaming at the top of their lungs, it won’t be heard by the masses. Corporate media in America is barely discussing it and Canadian media is busy doing Trudeau’s bidding, continuing to label the truckers as “racists” to turn supporters against them.

A friend whose husband is currently leading one of the trucker convoys told us very few have backed down since the announcement yesterday. She wishes to remain anonymous as Canada’s newly draconian government has sent law enforcement to homes of those who even mention their support on Facebook, but according to our source the truckers are concerned but resolute.

“Nobody wants to back down now,” she said. “They knew going in something like this could happen. Now we just have to hope the people continue to back us on this.”

The road to freedom is being paved by these truckers and their supporters. But if this gets quashed by Trudeau and other authoritarian leaders, it won’t be the end of the fight. Their sacrifices will only embolden the masses.