Tucker Carlson Concludes Hunter Biden Was Actually Right About Something: His “Vindictive Moron” Step-Monster

By now, all of our readers are very well aware that “Dr” Jill Biden is a moron. Even if we dismiss as inherent Democrat racism her idiotic faux pas of referring to Hispanics as tacos, we cannot overlook other aspects of her life that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that she’s legitimately unintelligent. One needs only look at her lack of math skills in her doctoral thesis to realize that.

We also now know she is vindictive. When an Army general posted a harmless jab against her, Biden’s woke military suspended him.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson explained all of this and more on tonight’s episode:

For once, Hunter Biden got something right when he referred to his mother as a “vindictive moron.” Fact Check: Confirmed.

Image via El American.