Tucker Carlson Calls Redskins Coach Ron Rivera a “Fascist Moron” After Woke Fine

When Washington Redskins (though some are calling them the Commanders for woke reasons) defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio made mildly political comments that did not align with the radical left, cancel culture kicked in hard. It didn’t have to, though, because Redskins head coach Ron Rivera was almost certainly going to take action against Del Rio whether the left complained or not.

Rivera is very woke himself; as Fox News host Tucker Carlson said, Rivera is a “fascist moron.”

According to Mediaite:

On Monday, Del Rio replied to a tweet about the Jan. 6 committee investigating the Capitol riot. He wrote, “Would love to understand ‘the whole story’ about why the summer of riots, looting, burning and the destruction of personal property is never discussed but this is ???”

Two days later Del Rio defended his tweet and referred to the Capitol riot as a “dustup.”

“I’m just expressing myself and I think we all as Americans have the right to express ourselves, especially if you’re being respectful,” he said at a press conference. “I’m being respectful. I just asked a simple question.”

In response, Rivera fined Del Rio $100,000 on Friday.

“Oh, he thought he had a right to respectfully express himself in the land of the free,” the Fox News host said. “But it turns out, no. Just hours ago the coach of the Washington Commanders, a fascist moron called Ron Rivera, announced that Jack Del Rio has no right to talk and he’s being fined $100,000 for doing it.”

If Jack Del Rio had said the George Floyd riots were a “dustup” despite all of the damage and chaos they caused, there would be no fine. But telling the truth gets no rewards from the woke. In Del Rio’s case, telling the truth cost him a lot of money.