Tucker Carlson Calls for 25th Amendment to Keep Dementia Joe From Further Destroying This Nation

Joe Biden called for regime change in Russia. Then, he didn’t. Or maybe he did but nobody believed that’s what he really meant. It’s hard to keep up with the spin by Biden himself or his own regime; they often seem to be spinning in opposite directions.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson called for an appropriate use of the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from power. He did not say it lightly, as nobody should, because doing what has never been done before is a move that will have massive repercussions against the United States and its people. But with Biden acting the way he has been since being installed into the White House, there may be no other option but to remove him forcibly.


Getting Joe Biden out of the White House and into an eldercare unit is extremely important at this stage in human history. Unfortunately, that means Cackling Kamala in the Oval Office, even if it would only be temporary.