Tucker Carlson and Dr. Scott Atlas Tag Team to Expose the Existential Threat of the Biden-WHO “Pandemic” Treaty

Fox News host Tucker Carlson used his opening monologue Thursday night to expose the Pandemic Treaty, the World Health Organization’s move to usurp national sovereignty and take control of healthcare decisions across the globe. He noted how the Biden regime is pushing it all and had Dr. Scott Atlas on to go into more details.

As I covered recently, some in conservative and alternative media are claiming that the Pandemic Treaty is a nothingburger, which I debunked. This is not a nothingburger. The Pandemic Treaty, which Carlson laid out tonight, is truly an existential threat that is being labeled as a “conspiracy theory.” Listen to his monologue below, but first, here’s his conversation with Dr. Scott Atlas, a former member of the White House coronavirus task force.


“First, as you said, the World Health Organization, as well as other organizations like World Economic Forum, are trying to set rules that countries must obey. Tedros himself said it, ‘They’re obligatory,'” Dr. Atlas began. “And this is not the role of any international organization, frankly. These organizations, including national organizations like the CDC, are supposed to be advisory. They’re not supposed to set rules and laws. So that is a complete reversal of what should happen in a free society, if we live in one.”

Dr. Atlas rose to prominence as President Trump’s favorite medical advisor in the White House, but he was constantly excluded and even attacked by his peers who didn’t want a freedom-loving rabble-rouser in their midst.

“Secondly, the World Health Organization has been an egregious failure,” he continued. “You outlined some of it, but it began at the beginning of the pandemic when they were grossly wrong by orders of magnitude about the basic data about infection fatality rate. They politicized and were completely impotent in doing the one thing they should have done, which was getting transparency of information from China at the beginning when it counted.”

As many of you remember, the World Health Organization was rightly accused of pandering to the Chinese Communist Party to help them cover up their coronavirus leak. They even went so far as to attack President Trump for imposing travel bans from China even though that was clearly the right move.

“They disregarded all the evidence that was known in biology about asymptomatic spread being not that important, about masks, etc,” Dr. Atlas said. “They attempted to redefine basic biology by changing the website definition of ‘herd immunity’ to get rid of the immunity from recovery from infection and make it seem like it was only from a vaccine. It was completely agenda-driven pseudoscience, what they would call misinformation.”

It seems insane to those who are paying attention that the World Health Organization has any trust at all given to them, yet the Biden regime is busy trying to prop them up and empower them even more. The people are becoming increasingly aware of the evil agenda they have, and Dr. Atlas noted this in his discussion with Carlson.

“They totally squandered their trust,” he said. “They do not at all deserve any further empowerment. And what you said is also true about what they’ve done during the pandemic. The centralized power organizations, including our own government, were reckless. They were unethical in doing the lockdowns. Why is that unethical? Because in public health, what they did was they imposed a policy that actually was more harmful to the very vulnerable people that they purport to care about. Children, the poor people, and low-income groups, were harmed but the affluent were spared by their policies. And they did all this by usurping all the known laws and constitutional rights and freedoms that people in free societies have.”

Dr. Atlas then went on to call for people to step up and demand that our leaders put an end to this charade.

“We need to restore with more public oversight and more decentralization of power the advisory role,” he said. “We cannot have these kinds of increasing power organizations grabbing power over free citizens. We need the agencies just for information, but it’s got to be transparent. We have to have oversight of their information and absolutely zero obligatory authority over any individuals or any nation.”

Here’s Tucker’s show:

Please don’t listen to those who claim the Pandemic Treaty isn’t a big concern. Whether intentionally or not, they are downplaying one of the most important moves the globalist elites are in the process of making.