Trump’s Mugshot Is Awesome, But Fauci’s Would Be Even Better

The “Mugshot Heard Around the World” has been making its rounds. Memes keep popping up. T-Shirts are already being seen in the wild. There’s even a tattoo on some dude’s thigh.

President Donald Trump has been able to break records with fundraising over $7 million since his picture was taken in jail. But the positive moves in the polls and additional campaign cash are only silver linings to a very bad situation in which a weaponized justice system goes after conservatives while leaving leftists general unscathed even when they commit actual crimes.

Imagine a world in which people like Hillary Clinton, Hunter Biden, and Anthony Fauci actually paid a price for their crimes against this nation. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, but just in case it could ever happen we found a post depicting Fauci’s mugshot:

Just a little levity in crazy days.