Trump New Hampshire

Trump Wins New Hampshire

Update 3: Haley predictably brought up Trump’s gaffe about Nancy Pelosi during her concession speech. She then looked forward to South Carolina, her home state, but polls show Trump is trouncing her there.

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Update 2: Fox News coverage was surprisingly realistic as results came in. I expected them to try propping up Haley but both Jesse Watters and Dana Perino commentated that Haley has no real chance of winning.

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Update 1: Multiple sources have called the race for Donald Trump, including Fox News and Politico. We will monitor for the margin and update as needed.

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Polls have closed in New Hampshire and Donald Trump has taken an early lead. The only real opponent, Nikki Haley, couldn’t win in her best early state despite being one-on-one.

The race, which would be a formality at best if Democrats and NeverTrumpers weren’t denying the inevitable, has not been nearly as ugly between candidates as the early primary days in 2016. Chris Christie was the last real flamethrower in the race, though Vivek Ramaswamy threw some zingers toward Haley and Ron DeSantis. For his part, Trump started off going after DeSantis hard a few months ago but has toned down in recent weeks. Other than calling Haley “Birdbrain” he’s been far more cordial than he was in 2016.

While the economy is failing miserably, the southern border invasion has been the biggest issue among voters. Both Iowa and New Hampshire voters have listed “immigration” as being most important to them, followed by “economy/jobs.” Nothing else made a big impact on the first two states to voice their concerns.

Haley has vowed to stay in the race, but then again so did DeSantis following his loss in Iowa. We will see. South Carolina is coming up and a loss in the state that Haley once governed would add insult to injury.

We will be updating throughout the night.