President Trump: “They Spied on My Campaign” but if He Spied on the Obama Campaign It Would Be the Death Penalty

We have a two-tiered EVERYTHING system. There’s a two-tiered justice system, a two-tiered “equity” system, and an unambiguously two-tiered political system. President Donald Trump is at the heart of most of it with double standards created to deal with him and his supporters very differently from everyone else.

He noted that at Saturday’s rally, he talked about spying on political campaigns. The left and Deep State spied on his campaign non-stop, especially during his first run under the guidance of Barack Obama. Trump asked if we could imagine had he spied on Obama. He said they would have given him the death penalty.


He’s not wrong. These various two-tiered systems mostly focus on dividing the nation between America First patriots and everyone else. Trump is just the biggest prize they’re going after now.