Trump Spox: “KISS OF DEATH: Ron DeSantis Is Thirsty AF”

Donald Trump has a history of “mean Tweets” that have triggered his detractors to the point that they were literally shaking. He’s released statements that have brutalized opponents and dropped one-liners during debates that have obliterated the careers of promising politicians. But never has he been more destructive than his post Thursday night.

Granted, he was quoting Steven Cheung, one of his spokespersons, but nobody would be surprised if the words came directly from him.

He went after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, his chief nemesis for the Republican nomination for president. He even dropped a mention of Nikki “Birdbrain” Haley for effect. This came as DeSantis was preparing to debate California Governor Gavin Newsom on Fox News.

Here’s the post:

“Ron DeSanctimonious is acting more like a thirsty, third-rate OnlyFans wannabe model than an actual presidential candidate. Instead of actually campaigning and trying to turn around his dismal poll numbers, DeSanctus is now so desperate for attention that he’s debating a Grade A loser like Gavin Newsom.

At the debate, Ron will flail his arms and bobble his head wildly, looking more like a San Francisco crackhead than the governor of Florida. This isn’t a prediction. It’s a spoiler.

Hopefully for Ron, it’s a seated debate so he won’t have to mash his foot into his high-heels to look taller. But if not, he’ll definitely be on a 12 inch step stool so he can peek right above the podium.

In a damning new report exposing Ron for his Chinese ties, he provided ‘tax relief to a federally investigated subsidiary of a Chinese company, according to Florida state government records, despite claiming in the past his administration had not supported the business.’ Lying Ron or Red Ron, either way, he’s a shill for China and a CCP sympathizer who will go to great lengths to protect them.

A new poll from The Messenger and HarrisX further proved none of DeSanctus’ endorsements from Kim Reynolds or Bob Vander Plaat$ did anything to help his numbers. Ron actually dropped to single digits with Nikki ‘Birdbrain” Haley, while President Trump INCREASED his commanding lead to 68%.”

— Steven Cheyng, Trump spokesperson

Love him or not, support him or not, nobody can say that Donald Trump isn’t entertaining.