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Trump Smacks Down Special Counsel Assigned to Investigate Him as “Political Hit Man”

The Biden-Harris regime’s Department of Justice has assigned a special counsel to determine whether or not to charge Donald Trump. It’s a political move in a politically charged investigation that has shifted in a new direction ever since Trump announced he’s running for president again in 2024.

Trump isn’t happy about it, as he voiced on Truth Social in reference to an article a the Washington Examiner about special counsel Jack Smith being involved in the Lois Lerner IRS scandal:

This sounds fair, doesn’t it? The “Justice” Department is CORRUPT. Offered Christopher Steele $1,000,000 to lie about me, paid Russian a fortune to “get Trump,” told Facebook not to mention the Hunter Biden Laptop before the Election, “it was Russian disinformation,” when the KNEW it was not. Is Trump Hater Jack Smith going to investigate that? Will his Trump Hating boss, Lisa M, allow him to investigate the reason for January 6th, the corrupt 2020 Election, or the troops I recommended be sent?

He wasn’t done. A few hours later he went after Smith again:

Jack Smith (nice, soft name, isn’t it?), is a political hit man, who is totally compromised, and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near our already highly WEAPONIZED & CORRUPT “Justice” Department and FBI, which are stuffed with, and listening to, Radical Left “MONSTERS,” who will cause difficulties for our Country the likes of which we have not seen before. By the way, OBAMA SPIED ON MY CAMPAIGN (and got caught!), & what about the MASSIVE Joe & Hunter BIDEN CORRUPTION (Evidence already in!)?

Democrats and the powers-that-be are desperate to keep Trump from being able to properly run again. They are trying to stop him with ludicrous investigations and they’re trying to smear him with everything else they can manufacture. The Uniparty Swamp would want nothing more than for Trump to be completely out of their way.